Intellectual Property

Nutra Pharma seeks patent and other intellectual property rights to protect and preserve our proprietary technology and our right to capitalize on the results of our research and development activities. We also rely on trade secrets, know-how, continuing technological innovations and licensing opportunities to prove competitive advantages for our products in our markets and to develop new products.


Nutra Pharma holds 21 patents in their portfolio. The following are the key patents that protect the Company's drugs for the treatment of viruses, autoimmune diseases and pain:

U.S. Patent No. 8,034,777, Modified Anticholinergic Neurotoxins as Modulators of the Autoimmune Reaction was granted in October 2011with 7 claims. The patent describes a method of treatment of a human patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis comprising the administration of a disease-mitigating amount of a composition consisting of detoxified and modified alpha-cobratoxin in a saline solution. This patent is meant to protect and support our work in the production of drugs for the treatment of auto-immune diseases.

U.S. Patent No. 7,902,152, Use of cobratoxin as an analgesic was granted in March 2011 with 16 claims. The patent describes a composition of matter for an analgesic and its method of use is disclosed. The method of use is for the treatment of chronic pain, especially to the treatment of heretofore intractable pain as associated with advanced cancer. The pain associated with neurological conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, viral infections and lesions is also contemplated. The method includes administering to a host an alpha-neurotoxin that is characterized by its ability to blocking of the action of acetylcholine at nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Currently, this would be applied to the Company's current and future drugs for the treatment of pain.

U.S. Patent No. 7,758,894, Modified elapid venoms as stimulators of the immune reaction was granted in July, 2010 with 14 claims. The patent describes a method of protection from infections by administering a detoxified and neurotropically active modified venom containing alpha-cobratoxin. Protection includes bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. This patent is meant to protect and support our work in our production of anti-infective treatments. Currently, this would be applied to RPI-MN and RPI-78.


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